Det skal give mening. Hvordan påvirkes medarbejdernes motivation af omlægning til blended learning i professionshøjskolen?



Public employees are continually exposed to change-processes. This qualitative study focuses on the influence implementation of blended learning in University College Lillebælt has to intrinsic motivation and Public Service Motivation. From international research we know that employee motivation is important for their behavior. We also know that the perception employees have of external interven-tions from the leader and of the leader’s choice of management style affects their motivation.
Through four semi-structured interviews this study reveals in-depth knowledge on how the perception of a specific command system (a policy paper from the vice director) and the leader’s choice of strategy for implementing this affects intrinsic motivation and Public Service Motivation.
The study reveals that if implementation happens in a way that meets the partici-pants' needs for autonomy, competence and affiliation, it seems their intrinsic mo-tivation and Public Service Motivation may be maintained - or even increased. If, however, implementation is managed in a way that is perceived by the participants as disrespectful of autonomy and competences, there is a greater risk that intrinsic motivation and Public Service Motivation declines.
The study contributes to the existing knowledge with the perspective that the par-ticipants' perception of the leader's choice of implementation-strategy seems more important than their perception of the external interventions itself. In addition, it seems important that leaders choose a strategy that will minimize conflicts with professional standards
Effektiv start/slut dato14/12/1527/06/16