Development and characterization of human liver cell based models for screening of Cytochrome P450 mediated drug metabolism and interaction: perspectives for clinical applications



Personalized medicine denotes a paradigm shift within medicine that addresses the patient’s individual situation and, most notably, the genetic predispositions of patients in terms of metabolic differences in e.g. the cytochrome P450 (CYP450) drug metabolizing enzymes. Concomitant daily intake of multiple drugs (polypharmacy) is growing at an alarming rate and leads to a higher number of drug-drug interactions and adverse drug reactions, increasing the need for hospital admissions. The aim of this project is to develop in vitro genetically modified human liver cell-based and humanized murine liver organoid models expressing various drug-metabolizing variants of human CYP450, and to functionally study the effect of the CYP450 variants on drug metabolism. The results of this study will contribute to our understanding of the impact of genetic predispositions on drug metabolism in circumstances with multiple drug intake, and can potentially be applied in clinical practice aiming at personalized drug therapy - especially in the case of polypharmacy patients.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/11/1901/09/21


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