Dialogue-based storytelling



The development of digital and mobile platforms, especially social media, and the transition from predominantly print to visual communication, are basic conditions in a communicative education. The students learn to act in a new media reality, and to develop solutions that includes an open dialogue with citizens and users. Consequently, students’ competencies must be based on strong subject knowledge – what are the new needs and opportunities in communication?
It is equally important that students can act innovatively when they graduate and enter a labour market where practice grows out of tradition and old cultures. A labour market with a disjunction between solutions and institutions formed in a previous period and the requirements of the new. National and global challenges in social and environmental areas require innovative solutions where both citizens and users participate in the editorial process.
There is a need to be able to assess the dialogue-based competencies of students separately from the traditional media product; namely as personal and professional competencies.


The first goal of this project is to obtain a grant from Erasmus+ funds. An application will be sent in March 2019.
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  • Medier, kommunikation og sprog
  • Constructive
  • Journalim
  • Dialougebased
  • Social Media