Enhancing Competences of Sustainable Waste Management in Russian and Kazakh HEIs



The main aim of the project is to modernize, improve the accessibility and to internationalize the higher education in Physical sciences and Environmental protection in Kazakhstan and Russia. This aim will be achieved by building the capacity of the local academic staff (main target group of the project) in participating partner country universities 1) in sustainable waste management and 2) in the latest European pedagogical approaches. Additionally, eight online learning modules will be built on sustainable waste management to benefit the secondary target group, students and company/local/regional authority staff.

The project started on 10/2017 and will last till 10/2020.


Vi har udviklet en tværfaglig ramme for virksomhedsinddragelse i universiteters undervisning, om vi har undervist i på kurser i Kasakhstan og Sibirien, Rusland med henblik på at give en metodik omkring innovationsundervisning, der skal bruges som del af de online kurser, der udvikles i projektet.


Training provided for curriculum building, eLearning technology and pedagogy will support the updating of the education in Sustainable Waste Management to meet the European and global standards. The new online learning modules will offer students flexible and inclusive learning paths, the introduction of innovation methods and industry-university cooperation issues will provide students with relevant skills and knowledge needed in working life. These modules built in the project on Sustainable Waste Management will enable the education of new Master’s level professionals as well as continuous and lifelong training for persons employed by industry in Sustainable Waste Management to solve burning environmental problems in both countries.
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Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/1701/10/20


  • Læring, pædagogik og undervisning
  • Tværfaglig ramme
  • virksomhedsinddragelse
  • Uddannelse, professioner og erhverv
  • E-læringsobjekter
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