Expanded Animation LAB: The Significant Other by Kim Laybourn



Kim Laybourn is a Danish artist with both a BA and MA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, Norway. Laybourn works in and with a wide range of media spanning from installation, sculpture, sound, music, text, to photography, print, animation, CGI, and video.
Kim`s video installation The Significant Other places itself between two conditions, in the transformation from one form to the next. In the film, a sequence of vistas of foreign and strange landscapes are presented derived from organic material in various stages of decomposition. This is illustrated in such a fashion that it looks unnatural and otherworldly, as from another planet.

Developed in collaboration with:

Midtjysk 3D Service
Statens Kunstfond
Nyt Viborg Museum
Viborg Kommune

AkronymEXPA LAB 2020
Effektiv start/slut dato21/09/2004/10/20


  • Æstetik, design og medier


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