Expanded Animation Stage 2018



Expanded Animation Stage aimed to install and exhibit the work of French artist Simon Rouby, educated at Gobelins in Paris and the California InsƟtute of Arts
(Calarts) in Los Angeles. He works in variety of different media including sculpture, drawing, and paintng.


ExhinitionPangea places a person in otherworldly landscape where the continents of the world meld into a single one as they existed millennia ago. The various shapes have been tridimensional scanned in Nepal, Antarctica and Nigeria. Here objects become landscapes and landscapes become objects, leading the audience into puzzle that the audience connects. This literal interpretation of the suppercontinent is an extension of recurring themes in Rouby`s work, bringing people with different cultures and backgrounds together.
Effektiv start/slut dato26/09/1830/09/18


  • Æstetik, design og medier