Forskningsprogram Model Cancer Care (medansøger til Novo Nordisk Fonden)



    Forskningsprogram Model Cancer Care:
    The research program proposal MODEL-CARE is an initiative that can potentially guide future directions within clinical practice and research by advancing nursing and multidisciplinary clinical skills and competencies within symptom prevention, control and management across the cancer survivorship trajectory. A model of care is a multi-dimensional concept that defines how health services are organized and delivered, determines what roles and competencies are needed, who has decision authority and establishes role relationships for patients and family members.
    Further, we will conduct cross-cutting analyses on common outcome measures. Nursing BA students at University College Copenhagen will have the opportunity to carry out affiliated bachelor projects within each MODEL-CARE project.
    The overall purpose is to improve symptom assessment and management skills of nurses and patients and thereby reduce the symptom burden and improve HRQoL.
    The aim of MODEL-CARE is to study the effect of different care approaches in four projects (PAS, PACE-Mobil, CARES, NEAT-Decision) incorporating patient involvement in the management of multiple cancer symptoms and concerns in the patients’ transition from cancer treatment to everyday life.

    Project 1. Patient Ambassador Support (PAS) for newly diagnosed patients with acute leukemia during treatment – a comparative controlled clinical trial (ph.d. project). Kristina Holmegaard Nørskov is phd-student in that project and Reader Dorthe Overgaard is co- counselor.

    Tillægsprojekt med inkludering af bachelorstuderende ind i forskning - i alt 14 bachelorer i de fire delprojekter.
    Der er gennemført 8 bachelorer og 6 er i gang.

    MÅL: Koblet 3 bachelorstuderende på Annelise Mortensens delprojekt og 3 bachelorstuderende kobles på Karin Piils elprojekt, hvor de går til eksamen juni 2019.
    Èn faglig artikel primo 2019 af Mette Gaard og Dorthe Overgaard til ”Sygeplejersken” om bachelorstuderende ind i forskning.
    Kort titelMCC
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/1731/12/19