French Kiss Exhibition, 2018



The FRENCH KISS exhibition presents rule-breaking artists and encourages an interaction between visitors and artists.

FRENCH KISS is a public exhibition at Viborg Animation Festival, running each day through the festival week. The exhibition welcomes audacious and independent directors, animators and visual developers from France.
The FRENCH KISS exhibition presents visionary artists who take risks and challenge the limits of the art scene. These young artists dare to envision and lead the way into new forms of expression. If you wish to know the future, then come with us into the creative world of FRENCH KISS.
Artworks exhibited include pieces from the Miyu Gallery, the adventurous Simon Rouby, Oscar-nominated Bastien Dubois, internationally acknowledged Céline Devaux, and our “French Kiss Artist” Louis Thomas who has recently created the opening credits of the Minions feature film in his own style. Some artworks will even be for sale at the exhibition.

These talented artists will permit visitors to discover how the famous and colorful French Touch interferes with sensuality and visionary aesthetics even with common stories or transgressed situations.

During the FRENCH KISS exhibition, many of these artists are invited and will participate in the announced panels and talks. We encourage all visitors and artists to engage with one another, which includes artists having short spontaneous drawing moments with visitors of any age, who will receive a sketchbook and pencil at the entrance. The visitors will be actively involved in the drawing process while taking notes or getting some autographs.
Effektiv start/slut dato25/09/1820/10/18


  • Viborg Kommune (leder)
  • Den franske ambassade / Institut Francais
  • Region Midtjylland


  • Æstetik, design og medier


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