Game Hub Scandinavia

  • Jablonskyte, Roberta (Projektdeltager)
  • Flokiou, Adonis Maigaard (Projektleder)
  • Nielsen, Nathalia Hentze (Projektleder)



The gaming industry is currently experiencing impressive growth rates and this positive trend seems to be on-going. Scandinavia is one of the world leaders when it comes to innovative products within this field.

The EU-project Game Hub Scandinavia wishes to make the gaming industry a primary source of income for the Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The goal is to generate 100 new companies and 400 new jobs in the Scandinavian countries through incubation of new businesses, gamification and knowledge sharing.

The project is home of three incubators:
•The Game Incubator is operated by Gothia Innovation AB and positioned in Skövde, Sweden (since 2004) and Gothenburg (since 2015)
•Game Hub Denmark is operated by Viden Djurs and Dania Erhvervsakademi in Grenaa, Denmark
•Arsenalet Game Incubation is operated by The Animation Workshop/VIA University College and housed by the creative working space called Arsenalet in Viborg, Denmark

Game Hub Scandinavia is funded by the EU regional development fund Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak under their priority area called: “Employment.” Game Hub Scandinavia is a continuation of the knowledge gained in the previous, successful project named Scandinavian Game Developers. The previous project won an EU RegioStar Award in 2015 for its innovative approach.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/1531/07/18


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