How can MTB-Tours Shop; implement, apply and benefit from different management systems (Lean Six Sigma, Environmental Management Systems, Quality Management Systems, Corporate Social Responsibiliity) while on the same time seeking to optimize the processes and reduce costs?



Development project with Danish and international students in collaboration with an external company.


This analysis of the Danish company MTB-Tours used different Lean Management tools in order to improve internal and external processes in the company. The analysis focused on the most common customer related process in the company: two customers renting a bike in the shop in Hareskov.
In the analysis the Lean Six Sigma tool DMAIC was used to analyze the activity and the workflow that has been a part of the activity.
Through Value Stream Mapping, it is found that 8 minutes of waste can be spared by a few optimizing actions, which led to a 5% increase of the value adding activities in the process.
The improvement tool recommended is the Kaizen Blitz. Through that, the company will be able to implement the suggested changes in a matter of days, making a big change, fast.
Reducing waste by mapping the process, locating the necessary and unnecessary steps, taking action to improve over short time and control and sustain the improvements, helps MTB-Tours to strengthen their business and become a Lean company.
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