How can the company Schirripa Spirits; implement, apply and benefit from different management systems (Lean Six Sigma, Environmental Management Systems, Quality Management Systems, Corporate Social Responsibiliity) while on the same time seeking to optimize the processes and reduce costs?



Development project with Danish and international students in collaboration with an external company.


Throughout this case assignment it has become clear that Schirripa Spirits needs guidance on how to make the company as efficient as possible to make the best version of the company. We would strongly recommend that Schirripa Spirits implements the lean philosophy. If they want their products to stand out and get a broader customer group, they will need to be efficient. They need to show the customers that their product combines quality, authenticity and has a solid foundation behind it, the lean philosophy.
The best approach to achieve this, is in our opinion to have multiple meetings with Schirripa Spirits and get them going with the different lean tools. They need to do it as soon as possible because the longer they wait, the more difficult the process of implementing it could be. Schirripa Spirits will benefit from the starting analysis that we have made so they can see where they have waste and where they can optimize their company.
The benefits they can get from approaching this with an open mind is a possible competitive advantage in the niche liquor business. Also, Schirripa Spirits will experience a continuous improvement which will benefit them both in the short and the long run. They will have a competitive advantage in the business and have an efficient and well-functioning firm.
This adds up to what will be an edge over the competitors. If they are the best in the business with Lean and QMS. They need to show this actively together with their products story. If Schirripa Spirits can make this part of their marketing and show potential customers what values, they uphold. If they succeed in implementing the lean philosophy and integrating it into the company’s DNA. We believe that Schirripa Spirits opportunity to grow and expand is perfect right now and if they want to take the next big step forward, then continuous improvement and using the lean tools is the right direction.
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