How can The Restaurant MAVEN; implement, apply and benefit from different management systems (Lean Six Sigma, Environmental Management Systems, Quality Management Systems, Corporate Social Responsibiliity) while on the same time seeking to optimize the processes and reduce costs?



Development project with Danish and international students in collaboration with an external company.


Using the Value Stream mapping was the best choice for us, as it helped becoming the best overview of the key activities in the making of valuable products.
Using the Just-in-time method we saw the waiters have to work together smoothly and know what the other one is doing to make sure nothing is done twice.
They need to adjust their steps together that if one process is done the next process can start immediately.
The spaghetti diagram helped us to understand the actual flow of the opening process. Based on this we found out what movements were unnecessary or done doubled.
And in addition, the 9 Waste-typed helped us see the waste more clearly and we were able to make changes or even remove them where they occur.
This tool solely helped us reorganize the opening-process by doing specific list on what to do and when to do it in the morning.
As a result, by adapting Lean and ISO to the processes, the morning shift can be reduced from three hours of work using two employees to 63 min just using one employee.
The two hours saved should be used to keep up the high quality for the guests, especially in the busy periods in the restaurant.
We hope with the money saved in the opening, we will give the guests more value for the money, when it is needed.
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