How can The Restaurant SULT; implement, apply and benefit from different management systems (Lean Six Sigma, Environmental Management Systems, Quality Management Systems, Corporate Social Responsibiliity) while on the same time seeking to optimize the processes and reduce costs?



Development project with Danish and international students in collaboration with an external company.


Through the analysis of Restaurant SULT we can conclude that there are different issues in their processes that can be improved.
The project has revealed that the main problem lies in the marketing department where a lot of waste and inefficiency is occurring.
The project also shows that there could be improvements in the environmental area at SULT, which could be used as a part of an improved marketing plan.
By using a wide palette of tools, the analysis shows the primary reasons are lack of planning, missing priorities, tools and resources.
To improve these challenges, it is recommendable that SULT structures and standardizes their work processes regarding both marketing and environmental work.
Furthermore, it is crucial that these processes are continuously improved.
If SULT follows these recommendations, they will have more time and resources to give their customers more value.
Effektiv start/slut dato11/03/1924/04/19