Intelligent Welfare Technology



Recent years has seen important advances in the field of research dealing with the development of real-time embedded systems using high-level programming languages, tools and methods. Execution and development platforms for applying high-level languages to the domain of low-resource embedded systems have matured and are ready to be applied in industry. While a number of simple proof-of-concept scenarios have been described in research already, there is still a wish in the community to describe and develop industrial strength cases of use that can be used for evaluations and measurements. The contribution of this project is to apply an execution and development platform for the high level programming language Java to an existing, real-life, industrial case. The outcome will give valuable input to both industry and research: The industrial community can use it as a template case in other scenarios and the research community can use the software artifacts produced for better
measurements and analysis than is possible based on the existing cases.
Effektiv start/slut dato04/08/1431/12/15


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