Interpreting Child-Centredness to support Quality and Diversity in Early Childhood Education and Care



This project will enhance and extend understandings of the competences required for working in ECEC in diverse contexts, whilst creating innovative professional development to support the ECEC workforce in developing professional competences. The project focusses on child-centred practice, a commonly used and deeply embedded concept for ECEC encompassing developmental, democratic and individualised constructions of ECEC (Chung and Walsh 2000). These different constructions resonate with different aspects of ECEC’s importance in supporting children’s development whilst offering equality of opportunity irrespective of social circumstances and individual needs. However, questions arise as to how ALL children can be at the centre of pedagogical practice, particularly when considering diverse communities and whether democratic approaches can be combined with a focus on developmentalism. The primary objective of this project is:
How might different understandings of child-centred practice promote learning amongst diverse groups within early childhood education and care provision?
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/1730/09/19


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