Making user participation work - from policy to practice



    The overall aim is to analyse user participation as a tool to create better
    and more democratic health and care services by comparing how diffent
    discourses influence user participation among three groups of service users
    (elderly people,persons with mental health problems and disabled people).
    The project is divided into 3 modules. Important knowledge gained will
    be to identify how discourses concerning social rights, consumerism and
    co-production direct the policies at national level (module 1). A further aim is
    to gain knowledge about the connections between the discourses and how
    they are manifested in the organisation and implementation of the services
    at municipal level (module 2). A third aim is to gain knowledge about how the
    employees define user involvement and whether they interpret the concept
    differently dependent on what user groups they relate to. Finally the project
    will highlight the experiences of opportunities and restrictions among users
    from the 3 groups (modul 3).
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