Manga Artist Battle



Inspired by the concept of YouTube battles and Painter battles, the 150 Years Project Artist Battle is a joyous event based on playful interaction between artists from both Japan and Denmark and the Danish audience.
The audience will make suggestions for drawings and the artists will have a few minutes to interpret that suggestion live. Each drawing table will be filmed from above and projected on a big screen, giving the audience an unprecedented insight into the technique and process of each artist.
After a small snack break, participants will be invited to take part in a drawing workshop with the artists. Subsequently, the drawings done during the battle and the workshop will be exhibited in Viborg and available for public viewing.
The Artist Battle’s objective is to provoke the creation of a strong bond between the artists and their young audience by using live performance, while providing an insight to the process of creation. The concept is simple and cost efficient; a fun and educational experience both for the audience and for the artists. Moreover, the Artist Battle has strong potential for being reciprocated and adapted across the territory and beyond.

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