Museums and Education in the North



    The "Museums and education in the north" project will compare the different initiatives taken in Nordic countries to promote cooperation between schools and museums. In Norway we have "den kulturelle skolesekken", in Sweden "skapande skola", in Denmark "skoletjesten", "åpen skole" and initiatives to include museums in teacher education. In Finland there are more local varieties. All these initiatives have their strengths and weaknesses and we believe that the different countries can learn from each others' strengths to even further improve the cooperation between the educational and the cultural sectors as well as the museums' offers to the schools.


    "Museums and Education in the North" (originaltitel) omhandler kortlægninger og undersøgelser af skole-kultursamarbejde i Norden (Danmark, Norge, Sverige og Finland).
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/1801/12/19