Nursing students´ perceptions of taking part in an Inter-professional Clinical Study Unit



Background: Length of hospitalization is reduced demanding effective and timely interventions from all health professions. In an Inter-professional Clinical Study Unit (ICSU) students have the opportunity to develop inter-professional competencies. Nevertheless some nursing students have commented that staying in an ICSU is an interruption in their final clinical placement with limited learning possibilities.
Aim: The aim of the study was to explore nursing students´ perceptions of taking part in an ICSU.
Methods: The study was qualitative with explorative, descriptive and interpretative aspects. Data were collected among nursing students by focus group interviews.
Findings: Nursing students increased knowledge of their own as well as other professions. Similarly, they learned the importance of inter-professional teamwork. However, they problematized that it was difficult to see the relevance and to integrate the stay at ICSU in their final clinical placement. Moreover, students spent a considerable amount of time on basic nursing tasks during their stay at the ICSU already acquired earlier in their education.
Conclusion: A stay in an ICSU improved inter-professional collaboration skills. It is, however, important to enlighten the importance of basic nursing tasks being the foundation for nursing assessments in the final part of the education.
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