OBSERVAL-NET intends to set up a stakeholder centric network of organisations
    supporting the validation of non formal and informal learning
    (VNIL) in Europe. The core of the network will lie in the formation of national
    working groups in all participating countries. Each national working
    group will organise a series of national stakeholder forums, bringing
    together key stakeholders in VNIL and political decision makers to coordinate
    policy implementation in the field.
    These national networks will be supplemented by a cross national level of
    networking. It will be made up of three expert committees which will
    examine the themes of:
    - the role of grassroots initiatives in supporting VNIL, and strategies
    towards their mainstreaming
    - success factors in the implementation of VNIL in employment settings
    - the competence profile required for VNIL advisors
    In addition, a fourth committee will be made up exclusively of policymakers
    and related VNIL initiatives, with the aim of forming a peer learning group
    for sharing strategies on VNIL at high level.
    The content work of the project will be supported by the case database of
    the OBSERVAL repository, which over the past years has collected 100 high
    quality cases on state´of�VNIL in European countries and of specific strategies
    supporting implementation. The consortium will update the website
    and also collect primary data by surveying each of the target groups related
    to the three themes above.
    OBSERVAL�NET is built with network sustainability in mind and will work on
    network capacity building from the early stages of the project.
    Aims and Objectives
    - Create transversal networks capable of developing national and
    transnational evidence�]based models of best practices in VNIL
    - Develop coherent, comprehensive and flexible models for VNIL practices
    and recommendations, drawn from a comparative analysis of
    examples of best practices across European countries
    - Mainstream these practices through strategic development and
    policy making at national and regional level
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/12/1131/12/13


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