The Open Workshop is a thriving, international talent and project development/production centre for animation, film, graphic narratives, games, and cross/trans media properties, supported by the Danish Film Institute and Viborg Kommune. Open Workshop is part of Film Talent, a collaboration between the 4 major film workshops in Denmark: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Viborg (Open Workshop). The Open Workshop provides the environment, the facilities, the materials/equipment and some of the financial means necessary to develop and produce animation and animation-related projects. Open Workshop supports around 100 projects every year.
The Open Workshop functions as an artistic residency centre where both new and confirmed talents, budding artists and professionals can live for a time to work on their personal projects, on their own and together in a highly versatile and creative environment. Artists have access to the most skilled international consultants within the animation field from Denmark, EU, USA, and Asia, who are brought in from among the best in the industry. Also newly established animation companies can apply for development support to their projects from, so The Open Workshop supports both internal and external projects.

Through workshops, master classes, competent guidance, pitch and presentation training, and the daily work on their projects, the artists strengthen their craftsmanship as well as their understanding of the business aspect connected to the development and production of animation-related projects. The Open Workshop spots determined original and skilled talents and guides them in the right direction. Matchmaking and networking activities are designed to bring companies and artists closer together.


The Open Workshop is a talent and project development/production centre for animation, film, graphic narratives, and games, supported by the Danish Film Institute & Viborg Kommune.


In 2020, we received 98 applications.
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Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/2031/12/20


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