Optimisation of community resources and systems of support to enhance the process of living with Parkinson’s Disease: a multisectoral intervention



This project aims to build and test an intervention that will enhance the process of living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) for
patients and family carers by designing multisectoral care pathways. With a particular focus on disadvantaged areas, we hope
to optimise the use of community resources across Europe, reduce inconsistency between nations and improve the
effectiveness of care pathways by learning from ‘good practice’. Four countries will take part in this programme involving
researchers from Denmark, England, Norway and Spain.
The experience of living with PD is unique for each person, and influenced by different factors like previous life experiences,
values, beliefs, social support and coping skills for patients and family carers, affecting their quality of life. Therefore, the
implementation of care pathways to improve the process of living with PD for patients and families requires a multisectoral
and interdisciplinary action plan and important mobilisation of community resources to ensure sustainable and less
fragmented health environments. A change of culture and dialogue between sectors and levels of care is essential to build a
strategy at a European level, which ensures equity, continuity and transparency in health-social care policies for better living
with PD.
This project will include three phases: Phase 1 - Literature reviews, interviews, and discussion groups about the availability,
use and networking of community resources and systems of support in each participating country. This will lead to planning a
user driven multisectoral intervention focussed on the experience of living with PD for patients and family carers and
optimisation of lay and professional community resources across Europe. Phases 2 and 3 – The intervention will be tested
and evaluated with socially, economically and heath-disadvantaged populations in different European contexts to finally
delineate European care pathways.


I projektet vil man afprøve en indsats - intervention - der vil forbedre behandling, pleje og livskvalitet for patienter med Parkinsons sygdom og deres pårørende.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/04/1931/03/23