The proposed PANEURAMA project aims to address mismatches between the output of HEI/VETs and the needs of the industry in the fields of animation, computer games and VFX, and to build a network of HEIs and VETs in Europe as well as field relevant industry partners with support of strong associated
partners, in the hope of better preparing students and graduates for the emerging needs of their prospective careers, and in doing so building resilience into the European animation, gaming and media arts sectors.
By connecting relevant educations and industry partners, the project teams aim to establish a baseline for needs in the market and identify where the teaching and training in attendant fields is discordant, using this knowledge to develop and implement new teaching methods and goals for a variety of professions in the visual industries and their associated educations.
The project aims to foster creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, employability, international collaboration and better prepare students and graduates for the challenges in the audio-visual market through readiness, resilience and capacity, supporting digital and green capabilities, and clearly
identifying and communicating both opportunities and challenges to European HEIs and VETs, industry organizations and decision makers.

Project partners: Breda University of Applied Sciences, Filmakademie Baden Württemberg, MOME, Gobelins (France), Viborg Visuals, Beyond Horizon, Adobe, Netflix, Unity, Epic Games, Digic Pictures, Fortiche, Ubisoft, The Rookies, Khora, Triple Topping, Collective Flow, Qvisten Animation, M2 Film, University of Technology Sydney
Kort titelPaneurama
Effektiv start/slut dato15/09/2201/05/23


  • Æstetik, design og medier


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