Despite the extraordinary attention that entrepreneurship education (EE) is attracting within academic programmes worldwide, there is still little scientific understanding of the mechanisms of the contextualized pedagogical practices within EE. This calls for theory development to comprehend and advance the general theoretical knowledge of the relationship between the context of the entrepreneurial university (EUni) and pedagogical practice of EE.

In this PhD project, I will study the institutional and pedagogical practices involved in the process of developing an entrepreneurial UAS. The aim of the thesis is to build on existing research within EE to expand it by adding a more applied educational setting (i.e., a UAS). Another aim is to examine EE practices from the perspectives of educators and students to deepen the understanding of applied and contextualised EE. The overall purpose is to contribute with improved and better-contextualised theories of how understandings of EUnis interact with pedagogical and didactical understandings at a microlevel perspective of EE in the UAS context.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/1931/08/22


  • entreprenørskab
  • pedagogical
  • entrepreneurship education