Pilot project related to promotion of healthy diets: Pregnant and breastfeeding women

  • Robertson, Aileen (Projektdeltager)



    Educational programmes, when integrated into comprehensive health promotion and care strategies, should aim to inspire positive changes in lifestyle choices and behaviours, such as improved nutrition and increased physical exercise. Our intervention strategy is based on:
    • deep analysis of target group;
    • solid methodological approach;
    • clear implementation principles.

    From the working session that took place in Barcelona on 28 May 2015, the Scientific Board members all agreed that Together must be above all a community-based intervention which does not only focus on effective tools and key messages, but also on how these can be effectively adapted and incorporated at the local level.

    The experts agreed that the main aspect of the project is to help multipliers and stakeholders to take ownership of the messages and get fully involved by implementing activities in their communities. Thus, the engagement and training of the multipliers in each community is a pillar of the project.

    The following challenges were identified for the project, and are considered essential for its success:
    o Engage communities & LPGs
    o Engage both pregnant and breastfeeding women, especially from vulnerable groups
    o Take into account cultural diversity of the chosen countries

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