PILOT/SKYPE with an international peer University College of Northern Denmark & University of Rwanda

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The world has become a global village. Not only do we go out into the world more, the world also comes to us. Cities host people from all over the world. Exchange programs give us opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from afar. Knowledge knows no borders, and with the ever expanding possibilities of ICT we have a lot of information from all over the world right under our finger tips. More and more do we relate with international colleagues, clients, customers, rules and regulations, etc.
Internationalization and globalization has an impact on the job market and the professional life of more highly educated individuals, in particular. Working in an international environment requires new and additional competences, and educational institutions often explicitly include international and intercultural competencies in their curriculum.

This project defines the following competencies within the scope of internationalization:
a. Passive and active proficiency in English: physiotherapists should be able to communicate with clients and/or colleagues in the international working environment and to read and understand scientific literature in English
b. Cross cultural (communication) skills: in order to be able to provide tailor-made health care to people from all over the world, physiotherapists should be able to identify with people from different ethnic, national, cultural, social and/or religious backgrounds. Awareness of one’s own cultural values and behavior is part of that.
c. Knowledge of international developments related to health and physiotherapy: for international cooperation, students should have an idea of the allied health situation in other countries and compare this with the situation in one’s own country.

The assignment “SKYPE Interview with an international Peer” aims at providing students with an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in all three domains mentioned above.
1. Goal and objectives
This assignment aims at enhancing students’ intercultural communication skills. Specifically:
1. Students will improve their language skills in general and be able to talk about physiotherapy (study) related subjects in particular
2. Students will gain insight into physiotherapy in another country (course contents, motivation and interests, job opportunities and preferences, etc)
3. Students will be able to conduct an interview in English
4. Students will be more aware of (intercultural) differences with regard to physiotherapy (study)

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