Professional Training Course Storyboard



This intensive 12-week Professional Training course gives you the opportunity to refine and expand your working knowledge of storyboarding for 2D and 3D animation, animated TV series and live-action films.
The Professional Training Course Storyboard is an intensive, hands-on course designed to prepare you for a career in storyboarding. During the course you will get the opportunity to refine and expand your working knowledge of storyboarding for 3D and 2D animation, animated television, and live action film under guidance of highly experienced industry professionals.

The course also contains an introduction to relevant related subjects such as screen writing, cinematography and drawing. Additionally, through the contact with the teachers you will get valuable inside information from the industry that will help you when applying for jobs later.

What you get
An intensive course developed with the help of industry professionals
Instructors are all active professionals brought in from animation studios around the world specifically for this 12-week Storyboard professional training course. Therefore instructors have updated and production-tested knowledge
Hands-on teaching and practice every day from morning to afternoon
Software: Toon Boom Storyboard PRO
Didactic material and art materials
A super useful professional network with the other participants and with the guest teachers – as well as to the rest of The Animation Workshop/VIA University College (TAW)
Advice and resources for further training and employment possibilities
Access to all extra-curricular activities at TAW


3-måneders kursus under ÅU i storyboarding


11 deltagere
Kort titelProfessional Training Course Storyboard
Effektiv start/slut dato10/09/1830/11/18


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