Psykomotorisk Rehabilitering - Psychomotor Rehabilitation – a multifaceted approach



The aim of the IP is to provide more knowledge and skills to students who will be working with psychomotor rehabilitation. The IP forms a forum for international and inter-cultural comparison and joint development work towards innovative methods in psychomotor rehabilitation both in practice and theory as well as in relation to curriculum development.

Target Groups
The IP is directed at 40 students who have completed the 4th semester in the Studies of Relaxation and Psychomotor Therapy and who are aiming to work with psychomotor rehabilitation. The beneficiaries of the IP are the students and the teachers who will gain more knowledge and skills about psychomotor rehabilitation in different European countries.
Futhermore there will be 8 students from Schwizerland

Main activities
A 2-weeks IP containing workshops, lectures, discussions, group project, company visits

Expected output
- Increased level of knowledge, methods and best practices through exchange
- Student and teachers’ exchange that would not happen otherwise
- A PDF-document “Psychomotor Rehabilitation – a multifaceted approach”.
- Students’ projects in form of a teaching programme/video/oral presentation of their choice. They present the project as well at the IP as at their own university and thereby they bring back the new knowledge to their own national universities.
- Enhancing the possibilities of students going abroad – also to universities where they teach in languages besides English
- The experiences from the IP is used when discussing the possibilities of offering an entire semester taught in English in one of the participating countries
- A common reference will be reached concerning psychomotor rehabilitation on both a theoretical and practical level based on the different national approaches.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/09 → …


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  • afspændingspædagogik
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  • funktionalitet
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  • handikap
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