Sci Vi Conference 2018



Sci-Vi Conference 2018
Visualization and animation in science dissemination
2018 theme: Public understanding of Science // Science understanding of public

2018 Sci-Vi Conference topics are:

Imagination and storytelling in science and everyday life
Can cooperation between researchers and visual storytellers strengthen research dissemination?
How can we use narratives when we communicate research?
How do we strengthen the cooperation between scientists and visual storytellers?

The conference is international and taking place during Viborg Animation Festival.


The Sci-Vi conference is a conference about how to visualize science, and how scientist and visual storytellers can cooperate.


At the Sci-Vi conference 2018 we managed to assemble many different participants, from both private and public institutions and companies: international researchers, scientists, artist, anthropologists, physicists, cultural entrepreneurs, animators, regional developers and graphic storytellers to politicians, cartoonists, technologists, professionals, animation teachers and art students.

In 2018 in cooperation with Research Center: Visual Studies and Learning Design (ViLD) and Innovation Network for Experience Economy (INVIO).

Tor Nørretranders framed the day, with his talk on the imagination and his fantastic ability to speak the language of science using a poetic palette of colors.
You can find a little article from Tor Nørretranders in the new issue of WeAnimate Magazine published by The Danish Animation Society
Kort titelSci Vi Conference 2018
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/1814/12/18


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