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    Q.U.B.E. - From Ramen to Sushi - Taking a Student Project to Production

    Full Program - Thursday January 23rd:

    15:30-17:00 The Animation Workshop keynote: Aaron Blaise

    17:00 - Welcome to SpilBar

    17:15 - Q.U.B.E - From Ramen to Sushi
    Daniel Da Rocha, Managing Director at Mudvark and Toxic Games

    18:00 - Break

    18:15 - EVE VR - Prototypes and People
    Bjørn Jacobsen, Audio Designer at CCP

    Equipped with three years of industry experience in the indie game development scene, Dan will speak about how he took his student project QUBE to a full commercial title on Steam. Further on he will explain how and why he followed this up by setting up a 2nd games studio and created a second award-winning game.

    This talk will cover the trials and tribulations of a hopeful indie team looking to break into the industry, touching upon the tough challenges the studio faced and the hard decisions that had to be made, as well as the fun side of making games and traveling the world to showcase work. Advice will be given on how you can do the same and turn your passion for games into a long and fruitful career.


    This presentation will focus on EVE VR and EVE : Valkyrie, how development started and how they finished a prototype of the game with a small team, in only six weeks. Apart from that he will also talk about pipeline and what happens when professional developers decide to make games in their spare time, when they have the right tools and mindset.

    About Daniel Da Rocha

    Daniel has a Degree in Computer Games Design from the University of Wales, Newport, He specializes in Project Management, Game Design and Production, 3D Modelling and Animation, Visual scripting, Image Editing, Web Design and Video Editing.

    Dan is the Managing Director at both Toxic Games and Mudvark. Creating award-winning indie game Q.U.B.E. straight out of University and securing investment from Indie Fund, Dan was able to set up a full-time indie game studio. Soon after Toxic was self-sustainable, Dan went onto setup a second games studio called Mudvark, which focuses on mobile and web games built in HTML5. Mudvark’s first game, Mortar Melon, has seen almost a million downloads on Windows 8 alone, topping the charts in the US.

    About Bjørn Jacobsen

    Bjørn Jacobsen is an audio designer at CCP Games. He has a wide background in film and game audio as well as electronic music.

    His short films have been screened at various festivals around the world and he has done various music productions in the past. He attended DADIU in 2011 where he worked on the IndieCade nominee "A Mother's Inferno".

    Currently at CCP Games, Bjørn is involved with EVE Online and is doing audio design for the very anticipated expansion, EVE: Valkyrie. Apart from that Bjørn is also working on the games EVE: DUST 514 and the unreleased MMO: "World of Darkness".
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