State Monitoring and Online Control Optimization of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drives Equipped with LC output Filter



In order to optimise the performance of a variable speed drive system, it is important to have detailed knowledge of the characteristics and conditions of the primary components in the system, e.g. the motor, the load and the link between them. In the present day, it is common to enter motor nameplate data into the drive and/or to use the drive to determine motor data values prior to proper operation of the system. Since this can be a long and tedious process (especially on large motors), and motor data may shift during operation, it is, therefore, valuable to be able to update motor data online or "on the fly" and thereby allow for online optimisation of the control of the motor.

The objective of the project is to study the observability of various drive systems (from the drive's perspective), develop rational methods for online acquisition of system data (such as how the system is operating, its current state, load characteristics and system dynamics) and to demonstrate the use of these data for the purpose of minimising energy consumption, wear and noise as well as for adjusting preventive and scheduled maintenance an optimised control system.
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