The paradox of freedom in everyday leadership practice - An inquiry into the identity work of developing leaderhip in the public sector i Denmark



    My intention is to explore my work within leadership development as processes of individualization and socialization and how struggles for freedom are parts of these processses. My research theme is An inquiry into the paradoxical and contradictory experience of freedom and constraint within the social processes of negotiating leadership identity. The research involves how we engage in power relations when working with leadership as both forming and being formed by the social (Stacey & Mowles: 2016), but also how our interdependence makes us ethically obliged to each other. This includes a new perspective on freedom with a strong sense of self and others and attion payed to these interdependencies.
    Kort titelLeadership development and negotiation of contradictions
    Effektiv start/slut dato20/10/1730/04/21


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