VAF Alternative - screening of animated film in alternative venues



VAF Alternative presented the festival guests with the opportunity to enjoy animation films in new different places, like pub, chalk mines or experience Viborg by Night.

From September 28th to September 29th VAF Presented a finely curated selection of the VAF 2019 short films that were screened on the walls and water of the caves. A unique experience and truly magic way to discover poetic short animated films about nature, planet and common dreams.


Screening of films at alternative events around Viborg


Screening at Daugbjerg Kalkgruber, Daugbjerg
Screening at Ølluminati, VIborg
Screening at Viborg Open By Night, Viborg
Effektiv start/slut dato26/09/1928/09/19


  • Medier, kommunikation og sprog