Viborg Animation Festival 2017



Viborg Animation Festival 2017 - Kawaii & Epikku had the main focus on Japanese art and culture and creative industry to celebrate the 150-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Japan. This festival was the most expansive both in terms of events and screenings. In cinema, guests found amazing features, shorts and tv episodes, all demonstrating the width and breath of Japanese animated storytelling.
Viborg Manga and Anime Museum exhibited a wide variety of Kawaii & Epikku manga and anime art. The exhibition was the biggest of its kind in Northern Europe.
VAF 2017 presented a number of conferences and seminars like Animated Learning, Animated Health, JP- DK Creative Media Forum, Sci - Vi (Science and Visualization), and Manga and Comics.
VAF 2017 also included event like Manga Artist Battle, Solar Walk animated concert Solar Walk, animation related installation art Expanded Animation, Immersion Game Expo, VIMAPP and others.
Kort titelVAF 2017
Effektiv start/slut dato25/09/1701/10/17


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