Viborg Animation Festival 2020



Viborg Animation Festival – VAF celebrates the diversity of animation and seeks to show that animation is more than entertainment by exploring areas of art, animation pedagogy, and its tremendous ability as a means of communication.

VAF shows a number of animated films for children and adults, with these films coming from all over the world but also highlighting films and projects made in Viborg.

Exhibitions interpret the relationship between art and animation, while workshops and conferences for professionals all around the city show a diverse crowd of activated and relevant concerns what animation is truly capable of.

As Denmark's largest international animation festival, VAF shows that animation is art, craft, teaching, and science dissemination.

In 2020 Viborg Animation Festival invited the audience to a tremendous film program, Expanded Animation Exhibtions, ANIMOK, ANIDOX:VR, the pop-up exhibition Khora × Viborg Kunsthal xVAF, animation workshops, conferences, seminars, talks, masterclasses, and much more.

The official opening of VAF 2020 took place on September 20th, where Festival director Jane Lyngbye Hvid Jensen welcomed the invited guests and introduced this year's VAF artist, Nikita Diakur.

Jakob Sabra, Head of Research and Development v. Center for Animation, Visualization and Digital Storytelling, presented the premiere of the short film "Reunify", which is part of the Danish-German cultural friendship year 2020.

Bodil Monrad, head of Viborg Kunsthal, presented the future collaboration with Khora Contemporary and the exhibition Khora x Viborg Kunsthal x VAF.

The festival was supported by the following partners: Den Vestdanske Filmpulje, Producent Rettigheder Danmark, ANIS, Danish Film Institute, Unesco Creative City, Viborg Glæd Dig, Viborg Kommune.
This 2021 country of import was Germany, as Denmark celebrated reunification of the South Jutland border region with Germany.
AkronymVAF 2020
Effektiv start/slut dato21/09/2027/09/20


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