At the end of Viborg Animation Festival 2018, audience was able to see the popular video mapping show Himlen over Viborg. The animation completed at the begining of November 2017, filled the cathedral square when marking the 500th anniversary of Reformation. The show was presented with the recorded sound of the big choir participating live last year. After Himlen over Viborg, the audience experienced the work of the French artist Simon Rouby called Sleeping Giants. Sleeping Giants involved 10 people from Viborg who came together in a world of art, which let audience to experience how humans look like, when they dream. The 10 people shared their dreams and their sleeps as an artwork which was projected on the cathedral of Viborg. Sleeping Giants was an loving and intimate portrait of the human dreams.
Effektiv start/slut dato28/09/1828/09/18


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