The project aims to engage audiences with a VR visual soundscape experience during a live performance by one of Denmark’s most esteemed contemporary music outfits.

Aarhus Jazz Orchestra (AJO) and The Animation Workshop (TAW) have, through prior work together, found a fruitful ground for collaboration between their two diverse but compatible worlds, and have come together again to develop the Virtual Musicality project jointly in order to utilize animation, music, and emergent media to create an impactful experience and a greater interest in both new digital artistic frames and contemporary music.

Aarhus Jazz Orchestra has a special focus on jazz and contemporary rhythmic music, and plays more than 80 concerts every year. A partner in projects ranging from school concerts to high-profile artistic development efforts, the orchestra caters to a diverse audience of all ages. In 2016, AJO won ‘Danish Jazz Release of the Year’ and ‘Danish Jazz Composer of the Year’ for Jakob Buchanan’s work Buchanan Requiem, as well as the “JazzDanmark-Prisen” for most innovative concert experience ("We, Robots”) in 2019.

The final product of this cooperation will be a touring performance event that will have the audience engage with VR during a segment of a performance by the Jazz Orchestra. The tour is to be unveiled in Aarhus, but will travel to and run for a number of days in Viborg and Copenhagen subsequently.
This project stands to have a considered impact on Viborg itself, both during the production and the public dissemination of the finished work, and can be an effective vector for bringing the new experimental digital stage arts initiative into the deeply creative mix which has already been established in Viborg. The development and creation of the visuals for the VR segment will take place in Viborg, with a team of artists and VR technicians operant in the Arsenalet and Plastic incubation environments. These teams will have responsibilities to the project that develop their networks and skill sets, and potentially encourage more freelance opportunities to find their in Viborg.

Project is being developed in collaboration with:

Viborg Kommune
Aarhus Jazz Orchestra
Statens Kunstfond
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/2031/12/21


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