Vision Technology for Quality Control in Automation Industry



The industrial application of flexible, efficient, and reliable vision systems continues to be a vital element for the success of manufacturing SMEs. The setup or down time during switching between different batches is a very vital parameter for the production flow and economy. The introduction of vision systems may improve the downtime and flow of a production line.
In addition, higher efficiency in quality control may lead to several benefits, which increase the competitiveness of SMEs, including but not limited to reduced production cost as a result of higher yield, reduced scrap rate, reduction of costs due to defects and recalls, increased brand reputation, availability of re-using rejected parts in manufacturing/production, less downtime and cheaper labor in comparison to human workers.
Considering the potential benefits and importance of machine vision systems for quality inspection and the challenges faced by SMEs, it is crucial to assist these businesses for their survival and competitiveness, which is vital to the Danish society.
The goal of the project is to investigate the current practices and definite potential use-cases of vision technology with focus on improvement of quality control in SMEs in Northern Denmark.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/2131/12/21


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