Youth Transition out of Institutional Care - Public Shelters in Vietnam: ph.d-projekt

  • Nguyen, Vady (Projektdeltager)



This research focus on youth transitioning out of care from Vietnam public shelters. It is going to investigate children in-care and young adults post-care experiences. As many researchers in the field believe that care leavers are one of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in society. They were reported to struggle with social isolation, obtaining employment and stable housing. Hence, this research is interested in which in-care experiences, interactions between children and shelters’ staff and activities bring about protective factors forming care leavers’ resilience toward adversity outside of the shelters. Through this investigation, researchers aim to have better understandings of both care receivers’ and care providers’ perspectives on how to prepare and support youth transition process out of care. In turn, providing mapping of childcare services in public shelters in Vietnam, understanding of youth transition and post-care resources’ availability.
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