A didactical structural model – linking analysis of teaching and analysis of educational media

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1. Gap between general didactics and textbook/media research
There seems to be a gap between general didactics (theory of teaching) and research in textbooks or educational media in general at least in the Nordic and German speaking countries. General didactic and their models seem to underestimate the representation of content or construe media as a matter of mere “means” after the questions of content are settled. Textbook research, primarily based on empirical studies, deals with specialized ideological (e.g. gender, race), historical, semiotic (e.g. text-picture relation, modularity) and psychologically related questions (e.g. readability) without establishing a link to what is useful for the teacher’s tasks both on the level of preparation, practice and reflection, i.e. without an explicit theory of teaching.

2. Media in general didactics
I will discuss the status of media in some current models of reflection in general didactics (Hiim/Hippe, Meyer, Klafki) and present a reconstruction of a didactical model of structure (Strukturmodel), whose counterstones are ‘intentional content’, ‘media/expression’ and ‘teaching method/activity’. The inclusion of media/expression in the model resumes a seemingly forgotten concept in didactics ‘Anschauung’, and makes it possible to analyze teaching and teaching media with the same analytical tool.

3. General didactics in textbook and media research
How can we be sure that the research or the analysis of teaching material generates important and useful information for teaching if the research or the analysis does not have an integrated concept of teaching? Concrete concepts of teaching could be very challenging for research serving both teacher education and media production. As a radical example for such a challenge I will present and discuss the concept of “Lehrkunst” (Berg/Schulze) with the principles of exemplary content, genetic learning and dramaturgical teaching.
StatusUdgivet - 2009
BegivenhedInternational Conference on Textbook and Educational Media - Santiago De Compostela, Spanien
Varighed: 3 sep. 20095 sep. 2009
Konferencens nummer: 10


KonferenceInternational Conference on Textbook and Educational Media
BySantiago De Compostela


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