Et skandinavisk syn på æstetik som en læringsmåde

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As the aesthetic learning process is always relational and developed in interaction with the surrounding culture, the participants in the aesthetic activities can develop cultural identity and social skills. Add to this that the individual can share its inner world with others through aesthetic activities in the potential space and in this way create a balance in its inner and outer world, realize itself and develop individual and collective identity. last but not least aesthetic activities strengthen the joy of life, and they are an arena for development of imagination and creativity - society's most important ressources (...).
Bidragets oversatte titelEt skandinavisk syn på æstetik som en læringsmåde
TidsskriftJournal of Modern Education Review
Udgave nummer2 2012
Sider (fra-til)90-101
Antal sider12
StatusUdgivet - 1 aug. 2012


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