A systemic approach in teaching the students social competences: Abstract for the 24`th Quadrennial Congress

Randi Kristine Kontni, Ellen Bye Jensen

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Our education aims to qualify students to improve health in all strata of the Danish population. A systemic approach in teaching the students social competence has proved itself efficient. In this approach we discuss four orders of knowledge:

Knowledge categories: Knowledge Forms: Designation in nursing:
1st order: Qualifications Factual Nursing knowledge as topics

2nd order: Competences Situated Nursing knowledge as practice

3rd order: Creativity Systemic Nursing knowledge as perspectives

4th order: World knowledge Metasystemic Nursing culture as a condition for nursing

Model inspired by Quortrup

These four orders of knowledge make our students conscious in practice, meeting citizens from other cultures or various strata in society.

When teaching in Public Health Care, the starting point is the theory of Jensen (2000) who says that insight, engagement, visions, experience with action and critical sense is needed to secure action competence.

Study visits gives them insight about health risks and how focusing at different factors cause different strategies.

By selecting institutions they find interesting themselves, the students become engaged.

The students reflect, analyse and discuss different health approaches to become critical analytic and get their own visions about health promotion and prevention.

After the theoretical education the students are clinically educated in primary health care to become experienced with action in primary health care.
StatusUdgivet - 2009
BegivenhedICN 24th Quadrennial Congress - ICC, Durban, Durban, Sydafrika
Varighed: 27 jun. 20094 jul. 2009


KonferenceICN 24th Quadrennial Congress
LokationICC, Durban