Antenatal classes in a studentled clinic - Training Interprofessional And Reflective Competencies: In A Hybrid Learning Setting at University College Copenhagen

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    Background:Midwifery students sometimes find the learning setting challenging. In thetheoretical setting it’s difficult to translate knowledge into clinical practice,and busy shifts sometimes prevent them from being active in their learningprocess.At Copenhagen University College we have developed a hybrid learningsetting that cross borders between clinic and theory. A student-led clinic,where students practice and acquire competencies towards becomingreflective professionals.Midwifery students cowork with students from Nutrition & Health andPhysiotherapy. They plan and teach antenatal classes supervised bysenior lecturers.As a way of supporting the student's ability to use their newly developedcompetencies we facilitate a structured reflection session after the class.The aim is to support the student's reflection upon the intentions of theplanning and how their intentions succeeded.Aim: to create a safe and innovative learning setting where the studentscan experiment and learn in a constructed but realistic setting.Methods:We have thoroughly evaluated the students learning outcomes in a mixedmethods design, including a survey in 2014 (70% response rate) andseven focus groups in the period 2011-2017.Results:The survey shows the hybrid learning setting as a highly effective way tofacilitate innovative and reflective competencies. The focus groups provideexplanations on why and how it encourages the students towards becomingreflective and confident health professionals.When working as a team, the students learn about, from and with eachother, both in the planning and teaching process, hereby supporting thestudent's opportunity to develop their interprofessional competences.Conclusions:A teacher facilitated but student-led health clinic offering antenatal classeshas proved to be a powerful learning setting for students to developinnovative and reflective competencies. Student-led clinics is common inother parts of the world, but is yet to be developed in the Nordic countries
    Publikationsdato30 nov. 2019
    StatusUdgivet - 30 nov. 2019
    BegivenhedNJF 19: Nordisk Jordemoderforbunds Kongres - Harpa Konferencecenter, Reykjavik, Island
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    KonferenceNJF 19: Nordisk Jordemoderforbunds Kongres
    LokationHarpa Konferencecenter


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