Applied learning in primary school: Integration of interdisciplinary learning and inquiry based learning in biology and physical education

Lars Domino Østergaard, Oline Anita Bjørkelund, Steffen Elmose, Poul Ravn Stidsen

Publikation: Konferencebidrag uden forlag/tidsskriftAbstraktForskningpeer review


Research topic/aim Teaching is school is often detached practical relevance of learned knowledge, for example in physical education or biology, and by that leads to reduced motivation, engagement and learning outcome for the students. Following, the aim of the study is to investigate how a combination of interdisciplinary learning (IdL) and inquiry based learning (IBL) can make the subject of learning more relevant and by that stimulate students’ engagement, motivation and learning, and moreover contribute to development of the limited literature on the topic Applied Learning (Ovenden-Hope & Blandford, 2017) Theoretical framework Applied learning incorporate both IdL and IBL used as theoretical framework, as they both have a constructivist learning-approach, encourage use of critical thinking skills, prompt authenticity in the learning situation, and increases the ability to recognize and accept multiple perspectives (Metzler, 2011; Spintzyk, Strehlke, Ohlberger, Gröben, & Wegner, 2016). However, where IdL concentrate primarily on theoretical concepts and challenges from different subjects, do IBL concentrate on problem solving and how to investigate and work with stated challenges as a complementary learning approach. Moreover, both approaches support meaningfully, relevant learning, autonomy and collaboration which are central concepts in applied learning, and altogether promote students’ engagement, motivation and learning. Methodological design 126 students (boys = 62; girls = 64; age 12-14 years old) and eight teachers from four schools in Denmark participated in the project. Two learning units based on IdL and IBL in biology and physical education were conducted or four to six weeks duration. Data consisting of semistructured interviews, video recordings, field notes and a questionnaire were analysed by thematic analysis (Braun & Clarke, 2006).
Publikationsdato10 mar. 2018
Antal sider2
StatusUdgivet - 10 mar. 2018
BegivenhedNera 2018 - Oslo, Norge
Varighed: 8 mar. 20189 mar. 2018


KonferenceNera 2018


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