Artists and Pedagogues as Aesthetic Agents: – about Interplay and Collaboration in Pedagogical Practices

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98 % of all Danish children between 0-6 years attend early childhoood institutions. The 3-6 years old are in what we call kindergartens. My presentation is about collaboration between artists and pedagogues in two Danish kindergartens (where I have done research the past three years – the research approach was inspired by action research).
Kindergartens in Denmark are not part of the schools. Danish pedagogues insist on the kindergarten as not just a tool or a period for preperaring the children to school-readiness and that is why they insist on not being pre-school teachers, but pedagagogues with a broader agenda or focus than just learning or qualification.
When we look upon professionals and professional skills we can look upon it in a span between using and supporting mono-professionalism and transprofessionalism. I turn to the collaboration as developping a transprofessionalism or the multi-diciplinary by focusing on (læs op)
As I approach and understand the artists and pedagogues as aesthetic agents it is a view that supports them as transprofessionals and supporting the multi-disciplinary view on professionals.
In the collaboration:
Artists as outsiders: They challenged the existing logic and -traditions in the kindergartens. As skilled artspractioners they are occupied with creating ideas, to experiment, to enter new worlds or/and to present the children to the world of music and narratives/stories that exists.
Pedagogues as insiders: Are familiar with daily practices, routines and structures in the kindergartens – they are the practices and routines! They also have a profound knowledge about the children. But as aesthetic agents they are equal but maybe it shows in different ways!

Publikationsdato3 jun. 2019
StatusUdgivet - 3 jun. 2019
BegivenhedArt Equal: When Children Meet Art and Culture - Culture Hall Tu Jau Zini Kur and Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, Riga, Letland
Varighed: 3 jun. 20194 jun. 2019


KonferenceArt Equal: When Children Meet Art and Culture
LokationCulture Hall Tu Jau Zini Kur and Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga


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