Bildung in the Digital Age: Exploring Bildung Through Digital Media in Education

David Kergel (Redaktør), Michael Paulsen (Redaktør), Jesper Garsdal (Redaktør), Birthe Heidekamp-Kergel (Redaktør)

Publikation: Bog/antologi/rapport/Ph.d. afhandlingAntologiForskning


Bildung in the Digital Age explores the challenges and potentials of digitalization for educational theory and practice and identifies how the pedagogical concept of Bildung can be used to meet these demands

Discussing the educational landscape of a pandemic and post-pandemic world, the book describes how digitalization changes the media foundation of learning and teaching. It further raises questions of how we could think about Bildung in a digitalized world, how Bildung-based online teaching and learning can be implemented and whether it is possible to understand Bildung and its emphasis on individual freedom and self-determination as a counter-concept to digital surveillance capitalism.

The book will appeal to academics, researchers, and post-graduate students in the fields of digital learning, educational theory and media education.
Antal sider208
ISBN (Trykt)9780367746360
StatusUdgivet - 2022
NavnPerspectives on Education in the Digital Age


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  • digitale medier