At udfordre CSCW matriksen: En kladde til en ny konceptualisering af kollaborative praksisser i læringsmiljøer

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This paper challenges traditional dichotomies that identify temporal and spatial restrains as relevant defining properties of learning environments. We present a critique of the current dominant Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) taxonomy. Although we believe that the taxonomy does provide useful information, we question whether the axis of time and space comprising the matrix pertains to relevant defining properties of the tools, technology or learning environments to which they are applied.
Subsequently we offer an example of an Adobe Connect e-learning session as an illustration of a different approach to learning situations based on the idea that tools, technology and learning environments are media through which participants simultaneously acquire proficiency to articulate and gain a perspective in order to decode what is going on. To effectively interact online, we contend that both teachers and students are required to modify and adapt their “perception abilities” and “enacting strategies” to appropriate a technology-mediated environment for learning purposes.
The analysis illustrates the claim that particular collaborative or cooperative work practices attempt to appropriate tools, technologies and complete learning environments to accomplish their goals. From this different approach we draw a tentative taxonomy of collaborative practices that allows appropriated media to be categorized relative to their use rather than their properties. The contention is that collaborative practices are an appropriate unit of analysis and that categories of such practices can be established by an axis of articulation work and an axis of the codification needed to express and coordinate knowledge and work efforts.
Keywords: E-learning; distance education; synchronous; distributed; assemblages; collaborative learning; asynchronous; co-located; distributed cognition; codification; articulation
Bidragets oversatte titelAt udfordre CSCW matriksen: En kladde til en ny konceptualisering af kollaborative praksisser i læringsmiljøer
TidsskriftOpen Learning
StatusUdgivet - 2014
BegivenhedThe Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference 2013: Transition to open and on-line education in European Universities - Les Cordeliers, Paris, Frankrig
Varighed: 24 okt. 201325 okt. 2013


KonferenceThe Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference 2013
LokationLes Cordeliers


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