Om sammenhæng i rehabiliteringsprocessen: En belysning af rehabiliteringsprocessen ud fra demokratiske sundhedspædagogiske værdier

Alex de Vries

    Publikation: Ph.d. afhandling/ kandidat/ diplomMasterForskning

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    Backgound: The starting point of this paper emerges from the growing need for rehabilitation, due to the higher survival of patients after illness or accidents and an increase of the amount of older people. In the field of professional health care there is a change in understanding the concept of disease. Especially during the last twenty years there is increasing emphasis on the consequences of disease. Still there is a lack of coherence in the rehabilitation process.
    Formulation of the problem: How will the rehabilitation process shape especially between different sectors in the health care system in organizing the rehabilitation process on base of major characteristics form the concept of democratic health education.
    Method: A theoretical study of the concept of rehabilitation with the purpose to determinate characteristics of the rehabilitation process. These characteristics and the values behind are used to discuss theoretical frameworks, which do have the potential to encompass rehabilitation. Next the structure of the health system and health politics is discussed to determine barriers in the rehabilitation process. Finally the concept of democratic health education is presented and discussed in relation to rehabilitation. This results in a construction and presentation of a patient participation matrix.
    Findings: The ICF is a potential theoretical framework for rehabilitation, which also can encompass the major characteristics of the concept of democratic health education. These are patient participation and action competence. The patient participation matrix could be a useful tool to emphasize patient participation during the rehabilitation process.
    Conclusion: The shape of the rehabilitation process will be more visible by using the ICF as a theoretical framework and the patient participation matrix to emphasize patient participation. Health professionals in the different health care sectors can use these instruments to organize the rehabilitation process with the aim to improve coherence for the patient during the rehabilitation process.

    Bidragets oversatte titelCoherence in the rehabilitationprocess: a critical examination of the rehabilitation process
    StatusUdgivet - 2003


    • ICF
    • patientdeltagelse
    • rehabiliteringsprocessen
    • rehabilitering
    • handlekompetence
    • sundhedspædagogik