Computerized mathematics games as teaching aid

Steen Groðe, Azeez Deji Salami, Olga Somova

    Publikation: AndetUndervisningsmateriale


    Some game enthusiastic writers claim that educational games have huge potentials in children education (Keith Devlin, 2011 & Fengfeng Ke, 2008). Many scholars are though skeptical about this claim. In this report, the use of educational games as a teaching tool was studied. The pedagogic theories and approaches applied in designs of some recent educational games were investigated. Mathematics teaching in Danish schools was also. Based on two of the approaches used in some educational game designs, the discovery and experiential learning theories, two games that presented challenges on how to resolve a system of two linear equations were created. Analyses of these games were later presented.
    StatusUdgivet - 2011


    • Skoler, fag og institutioner