Construction of an Occupational Therapy Screenings Assessment for elderly medical patients: The first step

Jonas Holsbæk

Publikation: Kandidat/diplom/masterMasterForskning

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Background: Occupational Therapist working with Elderly Medical inpatients at hospitals in Denmark, are under pressure due to an increasing patients, demands for validated interventions and best practice and economically effectually solutions at the same time. Occupational Therapists in Denmark there for demands a validated Occupational Therapy Screening Assessment, that fast and easy can tell if more Occupational Therapy is needed. Aim: The aim of the study is to develop a Screening Assessment which can be used in the Occupational Therapist practice screening Hospitalized Elderly medical inpatients. Method: The first two phases of Benson and Clarks four phase guide in developing an instrument is used. Through a focus group interview, which afterward content analysis of the transcription, a screening assessment instrument was created. The Screening assessment was examined for content validity by means of the Content Validity Index (CVI) – Questionaire. Result: The result was a Screening Assessment and a Manual, which was built up using ICF and the ADL-Taxonomy as References. The Screening Instrument should be a support for the working Occupational Therapist in their Clinical Reasoning. CVI for the expert panel was 0,74. Conclusion: A screening assessment was developed, focused on supporting the Occupational Therapist in her Clinical Reasoning. Though the study was not conducted satisfactory through the first two phases, and needs to be pilot tested and discussed in the expert panel once again before proceeding developing in the final two phases.
StatusUdgivet - 2011


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